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River Realty, LLC

4711  Poplar Suite 207


Linda has been in the Memphis area most of her life. She has been a local Realtor since 1986


Life Member Multi Million

          Dollar Club

Graduate Residential Institute

Certified Residential Specialist

Favorite Realtor - Germantown

Kiwanis Member of the Year

Kiwanis Hixon Award

Former University of Memphis

            Athletic Trainer

University of Memphis M Club 

            Hall of Fame

University of Memphis Rental

            Property Manager

At River Realty, LLC, we pride ourselves in helping every family find a house that perfectly fits their needs, turning every house into a home. Servicing the greater Memphis area since 1986, we want to make our hometown your hometown.


Our communities are diverse in people, in home styles, and life styles. Whether you like a turn of the century age home or new construction, there is a home for everyone.


Home ownership in the Memphis area is also affordable. Whether you want an $80,000 home or a $800,000, there is a lot to choose from in our area!